What do the
Parish Council Do?

Hermitage parish council meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in the Adelaide meeting room which is at the rear of the parish church.

All meetings are held in public and a full set of minutes is posted on the notice boards in the village, including at the post office, and on this website.

Hermitage parish council has 11 seats and ten councillors currently. The clerk to the council is Mr Bill Goudge. Contact Details: By Telephone (0118) 977 3553 or by email billgoudge@aol.com

   Hermitage parish council performs the following roles:
  • comments on all planning applications for Hermitage and for neighbouring parishes where decisions may affect the Hermitage community;
  • maintains all open spaces in within the parish boundary that are owned by the parish including Pinewood Park, the burial ground and the greens at Lipscomb Close and Dines Way;
  • ensures it meets current needs of parishioners, for example by :
  • opening each meeting with a public forum;
  • liaising with other bodies as necessary eg  West Berkshire council, local landowners and organisations, local police officers;
  • interacting with community groups such as the school, church and village hall;
  • making grants to local groups which benefit the community.

Details of the roles and responsibilities of a parish council in England can be found HERE

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